Direct mail, email and microsite campaign for London Business School

Direct mail, email and microsite campaign

The challenge

To promote Proteus at London Business School – an exclusive and challenging programme designed to create business leaders.

What we did

For the third year in a row, our creative brief was to put bums on seats. There are a limited number of places available on the Proteus programme and the selection process is rigorous.

Potential candidates were notoriously time-poor and so were targeted with heavily personalised email and direct mail, depending on their familiarity with the School. Messaging was also adapted according to responses at each stage, making for truly tailored marketing campaign.

Partner, Ian Boardman said, “Senior executives are constantly bombarded with invitations, offers, promotions and the like. Personalisation is one of the best and most obvious ways to get through to your target audience – pieces are often passed along by any gatekeeper and make a big impression with the recipient. We pushed things a bit further with Proteus and it paid off. This personalised approach combined well with inspiring creative, featuring images to challenge and provoke.”

Both email and DM drive candidates to an interactive microsite, allowing users to explore Proteus thoroughly. This made the site an experience rather than just another online presentation.

The results

There are 24 places available on the course. Our first campaign or Proteus saw 32 people sign up: a 33% oversubscription. 50% of those on the course said they’d applied because of the marketing campaign.

The following year, the School ran the course twice as a direct result of this positive feedback. Further to this, we generated a 13% increase in responses to the marketing campaign year on year.

“Of all the creative campaigns briefed on behalf of the School, I always cite this one as the benchmark of where our creative agencies need to be.” Brett Cunningham, Ex-Director of Marketing, Executive Education

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