Kroo Bay direct mail campaign for Save The Children

Kroo Bay direct mail campaign

The challenge

To raise awareness of Save the Children’s work in Kroo Bay, Sierra Leone and encourage donations to improve the lives of the many children living in the slums of Sierra Leone.

What we did

This mailing was dual purpose – to thank people for supporting Save the Children, and to encourage further giving. The creative centred around a child in Kroo Bay named Mohammed which made it a personal and focused mailing. The leaflet folded out to show the support network Save the Children has put in place for children like Mohammed. All of which can’t happen without one person – the donor. We personalised the leaflet to bring this relationship even closer – even encouraging donors to fix their own photo to the piece.

The pack aims to get the donor involved – it asks them to send a postcard to one of the team, pledging your support which will then be forwarded to Kroo Bay. To create this kind of engagement it was important to show donors the very real changes Save the Children have made to children’s lives in real places like Kroo Bay.

“Donors sending attaching their photos to the leaflet pledging their support and returning them to Save the Children is EXACTLY the kind of relationship building this mailing was about,” said Partner, Alistair Kelly.

The result

When donors get in touch with the charity to affirm their pledge and committment on this personal a level, we consider that a real success.

Further reading

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