10 ways to use Twitter as a direct mail pack

Ben Leeves By Ben Leeves

Direct mail’s probably safe for now. But it’s taken a lot of heat lately in the press. So for our latest ‘hack day’ we set ourselves a challenge – to figure out how Twitter might come to the rescue if DM ever comes to an end. 

Because we’re proactive types, we did a bit of thinking around this worst-case scenario – and our collective minds instantly went towards Twitter. Using the ‘hack’ technique, we broke down a typical charity DM into its constituent parts and figured out how you could use the many functions of Twitter to stand in for them.

The end result of that thinking is the nifty infographic below. We reckon DM’s got a very long life yet. But you might want to keep these ideas somewhere safe, just in case...

Ben Leeves

Ben Leeves

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