4 key marketing trends you need to know about

Ellie Adamo By Ellie Adamo

Here at Consider, our Account Management team always has an eagle eye out for marketing trends and key insight from your sector. In fact, that’s part of the reason our clients love our strategic approach to solving tough challenges.

So without further ado, enjoy our top four picks from the last month, guaranteed to give you food for thought...

How to transform your content marketing in 6 months

We have to say, we’re pretty inspired by this story from content marketer Michi MacLennan. Michi left Red Bull for the Air Ambulance Service and, despite having no charity sector experience, transformed their digital presence and doubled online donations in six months.

So how did he do it? Read his article to get the lowdown on his approach to content strategy, analytics, storytelling and supporter journers. Whether you’re in a small organisation looking to grow your digital presence or a seasoned digital marketer, we’re sure you’ll find Michi’s story as encouraging as we did.

Are you staying relevant with fast video?

First up, it’s some words of warning from film specialist Antoine Bouchacourt: your brand needs to adapt to fast video.

In today’s world, where Instagram stories, Snapchat and Facebook Live are a part of daily life, your marketing needs to lean in to immediate content. If your brand isn’t participating, you risk being forgetten or neglected by younger audiences.

But more than anything, we think fast video is a real opportunity. Cut down the editing time and get people excited about your brand – and maximise your chances of being seen.

What storytelling actually does to our brains…

You’ll get much food for thought from Joe Lazauskas and Shane Snow’s fascinating piece on the neuroscience of storytelling.

Storytelling might be a buzzword in the marketing world, but humans are programmed to be captivated for a reason – a reminder why quality stories need to be front and centre of all your communications.

Three essential visual trends for 2018

What happens when you crunch a billion image searches, 400 million image downloads, and countless shifts in advertising and pop culture? You get Getty Images’ incredible report on the year’s most impactful visual trends.

No matter what sector you work in, you’ll find inspiration in these video reports from leading creatives, analysing trends as diverse as the unpicking of masculinity to the repurposing of art history in photography. How could you use these hot creative trends to supercharge your marketing?

Ellie Adamo

Ellie Adamo

Account Director

Ellie embodies that covetable combination of razor-sharp strategic skill and an instinctive ability to connect and engage with people. She cut her teeth in commercial advertising, but moved to fundraising agencies when she found charities ignited her passion in a way that banks never would. We’re delighted to benefit from her considerable experience, read more about Ellie here.