5 GDPR campaigns you need to know about

Ellie Adamo By Ellie Adamo

The countdown to GDPR is on.

Trust us, we feel your pain. Whether you’ve been wrapping your head around consent wording, pouring over your database or wrangling over forms, we know it’s been a challenge. That’s why we’ve curated five thought-provoking charity GDPR campaigns just for you, giving you some much-needed food for thought.

So, without further ado:

1) Don’t Be Silenced, Amnesty International

You must have spent time worrying about how to make GDPR seem urgent – or even relevant – to your supporters. But there’s no danger of that here. Amnesty’s suggestion that GDPR restrictions could ‘silence your voice’ frames opting-in cleverly. It boldly relates GDPR straight back to their work.

Unfortunately, the campaign evokes protests against censorship a little too well. GDPR is actually a good thing, giving us all control over our data. Fortunately, Amnesty has apologised for giving the impression that they’re against the law, reminding us how careful every charity needs to be.

2) Just A Tick, Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK | Just a Tick from NonsenseLondon on Vimeo.

Cancer Research went opt-in only in July 2017, and we’re impressed by their ‘Just A Tick’ campaign, which made opting-in straightforward and compelling.

Here’s the thing: Cancer Research really took ownership of GDPR’s importance and told their supporters in clear terms how vital consent is – it literally helps in the fight against cancer.

3) Keep Hearts Beating, Keep In Touch, British Heart Foundation

Next up, it’s a direct mailing to British Heart Foundation’s warm supporters. We like the insistent, urgent tone of the letter signed off by Chief Executive Simon Gillespie. Like Cancer Research, they link consent directly to the charity’s mission. And the form is optimised to make the consent options easy to digest – plus points from us.

But we can’t help feeling that the ‘Say Yes’ elements of the mailing confuses matters, introducing an upbeat tone which isn’t consistent with the pack. We’d prefer to focus on the urgency of opting in: consenting keeps hearts beating. That’s where this campaign is most compelling.

4) Communication Saves Lives, RNLI

RNLI was the first UK charity to go exclusively opt-in, and they’ve seen incredible results. More than 500,000 supporters have given their consent, and their cash mailings are seeing brilliant uplift.

In an era of low trust in charities, RNLI’s choice to stress their ethical approach to data has been successful. We like the ‘Communication Saves Lives’ tagline because it makes the importance of consent clear. Data protection is banished to the small print no longer.

5) Opt-out Preference Request Mailing, British Red Cross

Alright, this is one of our own jobs – but we’re pretty proud of it.

British Red Cross needed a way to make their opt-out request as compelling as possible. We made the ask as clear as possible, crafting the pack to insist on the call to action.

We struck an honest, authentic tone, and made consent as jargon-free as possible. This mailing was about the relationship between British Red Cross and its wonderful supporters – and we made sure to throw in an exciting lift, inspiring them with plenty of stories of lives transformed.

All in all, we’ve been impressed with what we’ve seen. Now it’s your turn.

It’s not too late to launch your own consent campaign. Don’t forget to read our top tips – and if you’d like to talk to the experts, give us a call. We’d love to chat.

P.S. GDPR is on everyone’s minds. Perhaps too much. If you’re not at saturation point already, don’t worry – you can even enjoy a GDPR-themed Spotify playlist.

Ellie Adamo

Ellie Adamo

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