5 ultimate tips for your successful brand roll-out

Ben Leeves By Ben Leeves

A rebrand is often a long, intensive and – if all goes well – inspiring process. At the end of it, you’re landed with a thick set of brand guidelines. How do you make sure all this translates into finely designed individual comms pieces? We’ve got the answers.

Here at Consider, we’ve helped a fair number of clients creatively implement their refreshed brand. As a result, we’ve got 5 tips to share on how to get the best out of your brand roll-out.

1. Understand it’s a new beginning

A rebrand, at face value, appears quite simple as a process, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. There are, in actual fact, all manners of things lurking beneath the surface, that can go completely undetected when it comes to rolling out a brand.

It can be tempting to think that once you’ve been given the shiny new brand assets and guidelines, the whole long intensive rebrand journey is over. Our experience tells us the opposite. Rolling out the brand is actually the start of a new exciting journey. It’s where you start to get creative with actual finished communication pieces.

2. Keep it consistent, yet flexible

Brand guidelines may contain design templates for hero pieces of communication – the homepage, the letterhead, the double-page spread. But they won’t offer instructions for every piece of communication you’re likely to need – the pre-event Twitter campaign, the product launch brochure, the explainer video for a marginal but high-value target audience.

Only a highly experienced design agency will have the tactical nous to help your brand flex across many different touch points while making sure it remains cohesive. We don’t like to boast, but look how we approached the design of this London Business School event brand for instance.

3. Stay pragmatic

Ideally, brand guidelines offer a vision that gets everyone in an organisation excited. But this positive feeling can be short-lived if you don’t bite the bullet early and start making some practical decisions.

We find that one of the key practical decisions to be made is choosing the right imagery. This can be daunting if the brand agency hasn’t supplied an updated image library. But it’s often the foundation of a successful brand roll-out.

4. Keep the creative impact high

Imagination risks being spread too thin if creative standards are not kept high. It’s important to approach the design of every item in a brand roll-out with a fresh and lively spirit of enquiry. A brand roll-out should be treated as a potential treasure-trove of creative opportunities. For proof, see our striking mailpack for Breast Cancer Now.

5. Don’t be afraid to take creative risks

Any brand guidelines are only ever just that – guidelines. They’re not written in tablets of stone. As you roll out the brand, you’ll discover the right creative emphasis to give to the guidelines. You’ll learn, adapt and evolve.

We recommend that you really push your agency creatively at the start of a brand roll-out. Treat the first few jobs as if they were pilots. Ask to see two or three creative concepts before you commit yourself to one particular interpretation of the guidelines.

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