DRTV: Switch on to the power of stories

Ian Boardman By Ian Boardman

DRTV is having a moment. It’s always been a powerful acquisition tool but – in the light of recent changes in the way cold data is used and the fast-approaching implementation of GDPR – many charities are rediscovering its huge potential. And they have one enormous advantage when entering this arena – stories.

Yes, charities are head and shoulders above commercial brands when it comes to the meaningful and memorable, real-life stories they have at their disposal. DRTV is the perfect place to let those stories shine, engaging audiences with their vitality.

Moving images move audiences

We’re keeping these thoughts very much front of mind at the moment as we work on a DRTV ad set to air in spring. We’re currently storyboarding and, as we finalise each frame, we’re emphasising that strong, authentic story. A story that, vividly told, can prompt action and nurture an enduring personal connection with a charity.

But the story shouldn’t end there – it should have a life online as part of a fully-integrated campaign, giving viewers further opportunities to engage.

Of course, DRTV isn’t an option for everyone. Expense can be an obstacle – in which case video becomes a potential alternative. In fact, only recently we saw online video advertising space overtake the traditional static option (you can read a bit more about that here). This shows us that audiences now expect video – its narrative power works.

Ian Boardman

Ian Boardman

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