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Ben Leeves By Ben Leeves

If you’ve ever wondered why it’s so much easier to find what you want on some websites than others, it’s almost always down to how much thought has been put into user experience (or UX as it’s known). UX is something we spend a lot of time working on at Consider to make sure the sites we develop for our clients are user-friendly, so they increase those all-important conversions.

A major part of UX is the use of directional clues. You might never have noticed them before, but after reading this piece you’ll start to look at websites a little differently – especially your own.

How directional cues maximize UX and boost conversions

Ben Leeves

Ben Leeves

Co-founder & Senior Partner

One of the co-founders of Consider, Ben is our digital media adventurer. He's always on top of the latest digital advancements in creative and has been behind a fair few of them himself. He’s been one step ahead for the last 20 years. The latest digital insights from Ben are on our blog.