How the Consider team has grown in 2019

Phil Lindsay By Phil Lindsay

We’ve had a big 2019 already, and it’s only July! Thankfully it’s been busy in all the right ways: amazing client work, an expanding team, a strengthened strategy offering, and industry recognition. We wouldn’t be able to put together all of this work without every level at Consider working like the passionate, dedicated people that they are. And with our Senior leadership team Ellie, James and Inigo leading from the front we’ve been able to continue growing as we get busier.

Client services team

This year we have been focusing on the quality of our client services, as well as expanding what we are able to offer. This has been especially important with client’s challenges becoming ever more complex. There are more media to be across, more problems to solve, more diverse requirements to fulfil. Thankfully, we’ve had Ellie seeking out new superstars to be there for our clients when they need us.

This year we welcomed Amanda, Sally and Emily. With these new hires we’ve acquired teammates who are passionate about the world we live in, globally minded, eco-warriors and fundraising extraordinaires. Their arrivals have made our focused effort to deliver excellent client service all the more exciting.

Creative team

Pushing barriers in creativity - especially in an increasingly digital world - is easier said than done, but James, Inigo and the team have been doing just that. With the team’s hard work we have been able to stay ahead of where we want to be and create work that ticks every box for our clients.

To be able to continue doing this we looked for new additions to the team. We’ve found open-minded, dependable creatives that are a huge bright spark in Consider’s offering: welcome Ben Brill (copywriter) and Alex Tucker (designer).

Strategy team

Over time we have been gradually sharpening our strategic skills - whilst this has been many years in the making we are now seeing this work come to fruition in our day today. When we started out we were a reactive creative shop, today we are very proud to be a strategic partner to some of the UK's leading charities and universities.

This is in no small part thanks to our Strategy team, who have become the strategic powerhouse we need. We were delighted this year to welcome Amy Nield as Strategist, a sharp-minded individual with a passion for people and the way they tick. She is an invaluable part of making us the strategic partner we want to be for our clients.

Our talent

Consider wouldn’t tick in the way it does without the talented team we have in our office. We know that the Consider team can take on any challenge a client brings to us, and create something impactful, meaningful, and long-lasting.

As a company we have been 16 years in the making. As owners, we have never been prouder of the team, or more excited for what the future holds.

Phil Lindsay

Phil Lindsay

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Phil is responsible for the overall operational and financial efficiency of Consider. Originally our Technical Director, Phil now looks after our amazing team, keeps a keen eye on our finances, and is helping develop the structure and tools we need to grow. You can read Phil's latest thinking on our blog.