How we’re helping smaller charities to think big.

Ben Leeves By Ben Leeves

At Consider we’re privileged to count some of the biggest charities around as our clients. We get to work with them on some amazing projects, each of which helps get better at what we do.

But we’re also big fans of the smaller charities out there – so we’ve started reaching out to some of these organisations too. By offering pro bono support we hope that we can share insight and skills that they wouldn’t access elsewhere.

One such charity is The Woodside – a Lottery-funded community hall in Bolnore, a village near Haywards Heath. It’s a shining example of a small charity doing brilliant things with limited resources.  

The 3,000-strong community surrounding The Woodside is pretty diverse and catering to everyone is a challenge. But the team are proactive and ambitious – they believe a centre like theirs should provide something of value to everyone in the local area. 

They’re certainly getting it right with the range of events they put on – from gigs to beer festivals to yoga classes. However, like many organisations with few staff and little money to spend, they often struggle to let local people know about the great stuff happening on their own doorsteps.

When I first started talking with the team, I was immediately impressed with their work. So on a chilly November night I headed down to The Woodside to see what support we could offer. 

In just a few hours together, the team and I identified some key issues and began to paint a picture of how The Woodside could work more effectively in the future.

It was clear to me that some guidance around strategy and consistency could help the team make their events more successful – through focused and timely marketing to the right people. I started by providing them with some basic brand guidelines I had prepared in advance so they could get going straight away. 

Of course it’s difficult to make big changes with just a single meeting, so I will be staying in touch with The Woodside team. I can’t wait to see what happens.

By offering on-going expertise and support like this, we’re hoping we can help more small charities think like the bigger organisations – and work like them too.

Ben Leeves

Ben Leeves

Co-founder & Senior Partner

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