Ian's 3-point programme to change the face of legacy fundraising


Here at Consider, we're firmly of the belief that for charities to keep thriving – fundraising language has to adapt to fit the world around it. The way people speak is changing fast, we need to keep up.

Inspired by Cancer Research UK's 2013 'Cancer we're coming to get you' campaign (which you either love, or haven't seen), our Creative Director Ian recently told a room full of legacy fundraisers why we need to bring a more modern and dynamic tone to legacy fundraising.

We've distilled his key messages down for you below into what we like to call 'Ian's 3-point programme to change the face of legacy fundraising (with a little inspiration from Cancer Research UK)'.  

1. Speak boldly, directly and passionately.

  • Let's remove the stuffiness and complexity associated with gifts in wills.
  • Let's be clear and direct, let's normalise legacy giving.
  • Being passionate shows we care. It’s infectious.

2.  Make 'em proud!

  • Let's make supporters feel proud of leaving us a gift in their will – proud enough to stand up and shout about it.
  • Proud pledgers will become our biggest ambassadors. They'll spread the legacy love better than we ever could.
  • Proud supporters feel in control – that’s super-empowering.

3.  Try something new…

  • Cancer Research UK's Race for Life ad was truly different – the tone, the language, the people, the bold approach, the music, the humour particularly.
  • Forever, cancer has been a subject you don't joke about – yet there's plenty of humour here. And it still works. Imagine a legacy campaign that makes people smile
  • This will take nerve and vision, but together we're the fundraisers that can do it.

Need help putting this into practice? Get in touch with Ian to have a chat about how we can help you.