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Do you feel it's time to revitalise your online publication? 

Our clients often ask us for a PDF of their brochure or publication to publish digitally or include in e-mail marketing, and although this has worked well for them in the past we do feel they are missing out on some of the benefits of turning a rather dull and uninspired digital PDF publication into a truly added value experience that offers a flexible, diverse and heavily interactive encounter. 

Digital publications that go beyond PDF have drastically different capabilities that allow for multimedia storytelling with the integration of varied content – pictures, audio, videos (or multisensory media) and social media engagement. This level of engagement is in stark contrast to the simple transfer of the printed piece to an online PDF that offers little added benefit to the reader.

The benefits of a digital brochure: increasing the potential of your content

Captivating Content

Online interactive digital brochures, magazines, manuals, catalogues and annual reports allow you to transform your marketing collateral with eye-popping rich media. Embedding videos, sound clips and virtual elements not only offers something more interesting for your customers to look at, it also helps to showcase your services more attractively. We are not only talking about digital brochures interactivity; digital can make us sociable. It enables us to openly debate and spark discussions through social networking and sharing. Users are increasingly expecting to interact with the content they consume through commenting and online communities.

Reach a wider audience

Multi channel support for your electronic brochure ensures a wide readership. Your customers will be able to view your digital brochure on their desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. All publications are search engine-optimised making it possible for anybody to find your publication online using Google, Bing, or Yahoo! 

Publish and Share

Online digital brochures are a great way to boost your brand online and reach existing and new audiences. Embed on your website or blog, send digital brochures to your email database, circulate them on Twitter and other social sites. You can even allow your readers to do the same enabling sharing features in your digital publication.

Analyse, Track and Measure

You can turn your publication into an efficient marketing tool by linking it directly to your Google Analytics account. This allows you to develop informed insights from up to date, real time analytics, helping to build a wealth of information on your customers behaviour: what they want and need to know based on how, when and where they are engaging with you. Ultimately enabling you to make fast and accurate marketing decisions so you can see a clear return on your investment. 

So what are you waiting for?

A well-produced digital publication offers a unique and rewarding experience: convenience, immersion, interactivity and customisation. It is capable of taking the best of the printed brochure and going further and deeper. 

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Ben Leeves

Ben Leeves

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