Introducing Jo, Consider’s Junior Copywriter


We advertised for a writer with promise, and with Jo, we got that in spades.

A pin-sharp writer and ambitious creative thinker in equal measure, Jo has already been stunning our clients with her original ideas and perfect turn of phrase.

That, and her penchant for wearing roll-necks, makes her the perfect Consider creative.

Jo’s already put her name to brilliant work for the likes of Shelter, the RNLI, CIPD and Whizz Kidz – and she’s shown no signs of slowing down.

Her favourite part of the job? “The ideas. For sure.” says Jo. “I love rooting out those few unsuspecting words in a case study, knowing there’s something great there, and trusting that they’ll get me where I need to be.”

We all agree that Jo has a dazzling future ahead. But as a history graduate, Jo’s always got one eye on the past as well – meaning she’s always finding stories and hidden details that bring campaigns to life.

That nose for a story means Jo’s got cracking chat too, even though it’s sadly by video call these days.

Outside of work, she’s usually yearning for her native Dorset – where she likes nothing more than spending sunny evenings swimming in sparkling seas and sailing across Weymouth harbour.

She’s also a fan of cinema, indie folk, and the kind of long walks that leave your legs feeling like jelly.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of working with Jo on a project yet, then look forward to it. Because you’re sure to be inspired.