IoF Convention- Day One Round-Up

Ian Boardman By Ian Boardman

The IoF convention is without a doubt one of my favourite events in the charity sector, year on year. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with familiar faces, to make new connections and to engage with all the new and exciting developments going on in the third sector.

So without further ado, I’m very pleased to share a mere fraction of my experiences from day one.

1) “You’re not just fundraisers, you’re artists”

Talk about #MondayMotivation! My day began with an inspiring talk by plenary speaker, Will Gompertz, a well-known arts commentator for the likes of the BBC and many leading publications like The Times and Vanity Fair to name a few.

Linking fundraising with art, something I’ve decided I’m going to coin ‘the Art of Fundraising’, he said that in order to see things in an entirely new way, like Dali and Cezanne, we need to break the rules and create something new.

Fundraising requires great creativity and therefore requires a great deal of risk if you are to be truly creative, the only thing holding us back is fear of failure.

2) Legacies- let’s talk about it

Claire Routley and Christine Reidy’s research investigated the role of internal comms in promoting the legacy message and their conclusions are something every charity should be doing. Right now.

Their insight showed that by educating everyone within your organisation about the value of legacies, you build confidence in talking about it. This, in turn, will show that legacies must be raised, they don’t just come in and, most importantly, everyone has a part to play.

The more conversations had internally, then the more normalised that legacy-giving becomes. And so gift numbers will increase.

3) Data-driven culture

Wood for Trees and Concern Worldwide used data to better target supporters to great effect.   

They highlighted that many of us are committing the cardinal sin of not taking learnings from post campaign analysis forward to the next campaign. That’s a big no-no.

Another way to enhance supporter experience with data is by basing their journeys on ‘Next Best Action’ data analysis. This means a better, stickier experience for supporters as it ensures there is a balance between their needs and those of your organisation.

This feels like all too brief a summary of the day's events but hopefully, you've found these learnings as useful as I have. 

Stay tuned for another round-up tomorrow!

Ian Boardman

Ian Boardman

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