Journey 20 years into the future

Ben Leeves By Ben Leeves

Imperial College London and Imperial Business Partners took a journey 20 years into the future today to explore emerging science and technology that will soon become reality - unfortunately we couldn’t be there but boy we still learnt a lot from the world of social! 

Inspirational thinkers from the field of robotics, minds of business leaders, industrial scientists and R&D chiefs came together to discuss the future of digitisation, automation, artificial intelligence and robotic systems

Stimulating, informative and fascinating in equal measure, here are 5 things we learnt...

  1. Snake robots - robotic surgery - combining human and robotic power 
  2. Block chain technology - A fraud-proof system of transacting money is being developed
  3. Wearable health monitoring - ability to routinely catalog the patterns of our body. Securing human performance for industries. 
  4. Google algorithms developed to encode thoughts “thought vectors” - computers with ‘common sense’ 
  5. The birds and the bees: Robot engineers taking inspiration from nature - developing bio-inspired flying robots


Ben Leeves

Ben Leeves

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