Lexy Fox – The people behind the magic


Lexy’s an accomplished Account Manager with a razor sharp social conscience – and her effortless charm means she’s a perfect fit for Consider.

Lexy cut her teeth working on big commercial brands from major drinks companies to luxury cars and the FA. She’s got everything from digital, print and events project management in her portfolio – plus, she’s unfazed by rolling campaigns out across international markets.

But fortunately for us – and our clients – Lexy’s fierce sense of justice meant she wanted to apply her stellar skills to making the world a better place. 

Lexy’s a trained TEFL teacher, and loves international development. Recently, she led a team of volunteers on a research project in rural Cambodia, empowering communities to develop inclusive and sustainable education. That’s why she’s so thrilled to be at Consider, where she can work with the education and charity clients she’s truly passionate about. 

Outside of work, Lexy’s a sporty all-rounder. Whether it’s horseriding in the suburbs or wakeboarding on the Thames, she’s always up for a challenge – and she even manages to combine social justice with exercise at Goodgym, where she runs to and from community projects.

Exploring is her thing, whether it’s unearthing London’s latest pop-up or travelling further afield. So far, her wanderlust has taken her through India, up a volcano in Guatemala and across Southeast Asia. She’s a true lover of languages and amateur photographer, keen to experience all the world has to offer.