Low cost, high awareness? Think social media.


Twitter and Facebook are readymade campaign tools for building high excitement around an event. Even if you're Barack Obama...

During Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony, CNN used Facebook's tools to enable people to share the content they liked from their site. Within the first minute of the President's speech, 8,500 CNN items were recorded on Facebook.

Social media tools

This is just one of the more high-profile examples of how social media can help build excitement around an event. It can also do the same for a business, of course. In both cases, it's about getting the message out more rapidly, more powerfully and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Here at Consider, we love social media. We are always retweeting and hitting the Facebook "Like" button. It's second nature. And we understand how to feed this reflex behaviour into the creation of social media strategies and components which are instantly viral.

TED at the London Business School

Take what we did for the London Business School. They were excited by the fact they were hosting a prestigious TED event - known as a TEDx event. The theme was around the positive disruption triggered by new ideas and technology. They wanted to get the word out fast.

We built a website for the event on our Content Management System (CMS), set it up in Google Analytics so the client could see how it performed and integrated it with Facebook. The event sold out within 36 hours (see what they're still saying about it in on Twitter).

Want to know more?

Take a look at Justin Levy's book Facebook Marketing. It's a solid read.