Meet Consider’s new faces


Whatever the job – be it for charities, universities, or membership organisations – the same is always true: great work needs great people. And at the start of 2022, we’ve got more of them than we could’ve hoped for.

An account manager, an all-new traffic manager, a strategist and two new writers – we’ve taken on new talent across the board. It’s high time you met them…

Jan – Account Director

You don’t have to talk to Jan for long to realise she’s an expert in what she does. And with eight years of charity agency experience behind her, it’s no surprise. In that time, she’s worked on projects for some of the UK’s leading not-for-profits – and now she’s doing the same for us.

And while she’s not doing that, she’s doing good elsewhere, as a volunteer for the food distribution charity, The Felix Project. We can’t wait for you to meet her.

James – Account Manager

Before Consider, James was managing creative campaigns at News UK’s in-house agency. It was good craic, he says, but he had his eye out for something more rewarding. Something with lasting impact.

So that’s what he’s doing: getting to grips with some of our biggest clients and putting his hand to some exciting new projects.

Sinem – Traffic Manager

With a background in broadcasting, Sinem’s a dab hand at getting the most complex of creative projects moving. But she wanted to do more – to know that her work was making a difference. It’s that that won her over to Consider – and we couldn’t be more pleased.

When she’s not at work, you might find her exploring London, taking photos or baking bread. Unless it’s the school holidays, when she’s kept busy teaching Zumba to young adults affected by Covid. How amazing is that?

Ronnie – Strategist

Ronnie’s been immersed in the charity sector for the best part of past seven years. But it was while leading fundraising campaigns at Movember that she discovered her knack for strategy. We’re glad she did, because she’s since been dazzling us all with some first-rate thinking.

But Ronnie’s not just a clever thinker. She plays music, writes songs and sings; she’s from a family of creative types. That all comes through in her work – and makes her an ideal fit for Consider.

Joseph – Copywriter

Joseph wove his way here from Practical Action, via creative agencies and a brief foray into commercial advertising. He knows his craft – and strings his words together with ease. But it was clear from his time in the charity sector that this is where he belongs: doing good work with a good bunch of people.

That’s how he puts it anyway. And he’s already getting stuck in: working on concepts and writing some cracking copy. If you haven’t met him yet – just you wait.

Beth – Junior copywriter

We went searching for a bright new junior writer to join the team – and with Beth, we struck gold.

When we met her, she was working on creative content at Dementia UK. She impressed us right away with the way she unpicks a brief – and with her background as a poet, writer and filmmaker, she’s creative to the core.

Makes sense, then, why she can’t wait to get working on concepts. We’re excited too – we just know she’ll be great.