Meet our new account management team

Phil Lindsay By Phil Lindsay

Familiar faces, new talent – and a fond farewell

We’re a tiny bit tearful as we bid farewell to our Em, a stellar account manager and firm favourite with colleagues and clients alike. But fear not, we’ve made sure those capacious shoes are filled as fresh new talent joins our crack team of in-house experts.

Stirred but not shaken

We’re mixing it up in our dynamic account management team.

After five years at Consider, Em is setting off for New Zealand, the opening chapter in her bold adventure stor(e)y. We’re feeling a tad emotional and trying not take it personally that she couldn’t have chosen a more remote location from us all!

But we’re made of strong stuff. So we’ve dried our tears and lost no time in ensuring those stylish shoes (or seven league boots, perhaps) are adequately filled.

Our updated account management team showcases a dazzling array of skills, experience and, of course, personality. From friendly new faces to a familiar Finnish one, the new line-up is ready to give you the benefit of their expertise and efficiency.

Familiar faces and new talent:

  • Ellie Adamo, Senior Account Manager
    Ellie Adamo, Senior Account Manager

    Ellie embodies that covetable combination of razor-sharp strategic skill and an instinctive ability to connect and engage with people. She cut her teeth in commercial advertising, but moved to fundraising agencies when she found charities ignited her passion in a way that banks never would. We’re delighted to benefit from her considerable experience, read more about Ellie here.

  • Lizzi Hawkins, Account Manager
    Lizzi Hawkins, Account Manager

    Lizzi comes armed with an impressive portfolio of experience – from project management and brand development to data and design. Lizzi has worked across a range of sectors and is equally comfortable with print and digital. Her serene aura remains enviably unruffled while she multi-tasks with impressive efficiency. Read Lizzi's story.

  • Oona Väisänen, Account Manager
    Oona Väisänen, Account Manager

    As an account manager, Oona is a cut above. Clients love her because they know she’s got everything in hand. Her colleagues love her because she’s the perfect liaison between creative and client. She gets it. Find out a little more about Oona over on the Consider blog.

  • Natalie Plowman, Account Manager
    Natalie Plowman, Account Manager

    Working for the business and digital teams at the Press Association honed Natalie’s ability to think creatively and strategically, manage data skilfully and come up with creative content solutions tailored to the client. She also has bags of enthusiasm and a winning way with clients and colleagues alike, read more about Natalie on our blog.

Phil Lindsay

Phil Lindsay

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Phil is responsible for the overall operational and financial efficiency of Consider. Originally our Technical Director, Phil now looks after our amazing team, keeps a keen eye on our finances, and is helping develop the structure and tools we need to grow. You can read Phil's latest thinking on our blog.