Meet the Consider team: James


James is our Senior Copywriter. He’s an ex-fundraiser who has a real way with words. 

Although James is a recent addition to the team, our paths first crossed a good few years back. Before James discovered his talent for copywriting, he was in charge of individual donor work at a charity that happened to be a Consider client. We got along very well at the time and greatly enjoyed working (and drinking) together.

At that time, James had already realised that he enjoyed the writing part of fundraising to anything else. Not long after, he decided to throw it all in and go freelance as a copywriter.

Luckily his gamble paid off (and his wife was very, VERY supportive). He spent almost five years freelancing with his own clients and a number of other big-name London creative agencies.

Then our paths crossed again…

We’d lost touch for a few years until a chance online exchange brought us back together. Seeing how far he’d come as a writer we brought him on board for a couple of jobs. One thing led to another, and via a few months where he used a spare desk in our office, he joined us full-time as our Senior Copywriter.
James brings with him considerable charity-sector knowledge, which we know is appreciated by the many charity clients he writes for here. But his skill as a writer means he delivers the goods for our non-charity clients too. He fits well into our open working environment, keeping the rest of us on our toes with his sharp wit. He's usually the first one with a raised eyebrow or playfully sarcastic quip. 
When he’s not crafting motivating copy gold, James is a proud dad to two young daughters and also plays guitar in a couple of ridiculously heavy bands.