Meet the Consider team: Lizzi


Lizzi comes armed with an impressive portfolio of experience – from project management and brand development to data and design. Lizzi has worked across a range of sectors and is equally comfortable with print and digital. Her serene aura remains enviably unruffled while she multi-tasks with impressive efficiency.

She’s a little bit rock and roll

She could have been cutting records and touring with her band, but thankfully lovely Lizzi has given us the benefit of her extensive experience and creativity instead.

Ever since she saw Chuck Berry live, aged just five, music has been in Lizzi’s heart and soul. After completing a music degree at Goldsmiths, she worked for the record label Buzzing Fly – owned by Ben Watt of Everything but the Girl.

Lizzi went on to a role in project management – where she helped to rebrand Take That for their triumphant comeback and worked on artwork and marketing materials for the likes of Tom Jones, the Rolling Stones and Rufus Wainwright. Her next move was to a London-based design and branding agency, where she gained valuable print and digital skills across a range of sectors.

A calming influence

Luckily for us, Lizzi’s decided to spread her wings and expand her experience here at Consider. But she still ‘lets off steam’ as bassist and singer for her band Rude Intruder. Could this be the secret to her serenity? Whatever’s behind it, it makes her a pleasure to work with.

What a gem

Like a true diamond, Lizzi has many facets - professionally and personally. She’s branded events and communications; worked for charity and education clients and is comfortable with digital, data and design, making her the perfect fit for her role.

Somehow she also manages to make time for music and making stuff (furniture, jewellery, clothes, you name it), and hands-on motherhood. Oh and she’s also a real water baby, who relishes the relaxed pace and different perspective of London she gets from aboard her parents’ barge.