Meet the Consider team: Natalie


Working for the business and digital teams at the Press Association honed Natalie’s ability to think creatively and strategically, manage data skilfully and come up with creative content solutions tailored to the client. She also has bags of enthusiasm and a winning way with clients and colleagues alike.

Cultured and cosmopolitan

Her Italian mother and childhood summers spent in Africa, inspired Natalie with a fascination for different cultures. She went on to study Italian and Arabic and spent a year of her course in Egypt during the second revolution, where she learned the language first-hand – as well as how to stay safe amid protests!

Today Natalie is content to put down roots in her new London Bridge pad, close to the romance of the river. She’s planning to cultivate a vegetable garden on her patio, providing her with home-grown ingredients for the vegetarian meals she loves to rustle up.

Get up and go

She says she was never sporty at school, but Natalie is making up for it now! Every Wednesday, she puts her love of the beautiful game into action playing for an all-girl team. Not content with a kickabout, she ran a marathon this year, in aid of the clinic where her friend’s brother is being treated for eye cancer.

From dairymaid to dog lover

Early dreams of being a vet led Natalie to a stint working on a dairy farm (she’s the only member of our team who can milk a cow!). Although her ambitions took a new direction, Natalie put her passion for animals into action when she set up the Animal Welfare Society at Leeds University, devoting her spare time to raising funds and awareness.

Natalie continues to indulge her love of canines by working for a dogs’ charity and is the proud owner of Monty, her very own four-legged friend.