Meet the Consider team: Oona


Our brilliant and Zen-like Account Manager from across the sea.

Whether you need to discuss the tiniest detail of a job with clarity, or have someone gut a fish for you – Oona’s the person you should contact. Oona – which is pronounced Orna, just in case you do need to give her a call – is a vital member of the Consider team.

A Finland native, Oona has already managed to pack an awful lot into her life. Growing up in a small Finnish town, she had an outdoors-y upbringing that makes many of us in the Consider team feel a little envious. Music was also an important hobby for her growing up – playing flute and singing in particular.

The wanderlust…

Oona was always aware that there was a big world to discover. The day after she graduated high school she was on flight to London. She went on to live in The Netherlands, while spending stretches travelling throughout Australia and Asia. But London kept calling her back.

She previously worked as a Media Planner, but had her heart set on working at a creative agency. Thankfully, she came to us.

Not your average Account Manager…

Oona brings a hefty dose of centred calm to the team dynamic. She has a daily yoga practise that she does early in the morning– knowing that creative ideas don’t always come under pressure – so a calm mind is key. She’s a great person to have on your side when the studio is particularly busy; her organisational skills come in very handy indeed.

Outside of work, you can find Oona cycling around East London where she lives in a home filled with books, art and music. She gets easily infused with enthusiasm when it comes to doing and learning new things, and is always in the middle of a project or two –if days only had more hours!