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Ben Leeves By Ben Leeves

After years of waiting, finally the Apple Watch has landed with an almighty bang along with the usual Apple orchestrated media frenzy. I don’t know about you but I'm a little excited and admit I can’t resist the allure of a new shiny iAnything, but the big question on everyone's minds:

Is it going to be the game changer apple affirms it to be?

Over the years I have been following all attempts to capture this market like the Google Smart watch Wear, Samsung's wearable Gear, Pebble and Sony's SmartWatch and been tempted to try, but the price point has been a little too high and as I do believe Apple understands user experience better, I have held off. Hoping the Apple Watch would hurry along.

So should we all be watching? Hell, yes!

When Apple launched iTunes back in January 2001 and the iPod in October of the same year, they completely disrupted the music industry. When they launched the iPhone in June 2007 they turned the smartphone market on its head. And when the iPad came along in April 2010, they created a new and exciting era of digital consumer engagement that exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Sadly for some of us late-adopting sceptics, we missed that boat with its unexpected joys and revenue making powers – but not this time. I’m all ears Apple.

I’m very excited to see how we will use something so accessible to enhance our daily digital lives. So I’ve compiled a list of our 15 best Apple Watch app ideas – some confirmed, and some we’d just like to see:

  1. Turn by turn directions (confirmed)
  2. HealthKit  (confirmed)
  3. Apple Device Controller (confirmed)
  4. Nest (Honeywell confirmed)
  5. Calculator (confirmed)
  6. Smart home control (confirmed)
  7. Citymapper (confirmed) This app keeps you up to date with the next bus and train arrivals, so no more fumbling in pockets or bags for your phone to see when your next one is due.
  8. Step-by-step recipe guides (One for the more cuisine-challenged ie. me) I use my iPhone a lot in the kitchen to consult recipes; but I’m yet to master timings. Largely thanks to my two lovely children, I am rather easily distracted, so handy notifications telling me when to take out the spuds or put the beef in the oven would actually be quite useful thank you.
  9. Step-by-step instructions for the DIY nut I wouldn’t say I’m a DIY enthusiast, but out of necessity I do have to get out the tool box occasionally. And in a similar fashion to the kitchen, I have often found the solutions to my DIY woes on the iPad. Being taken through a task step-by-step by my watch (whilst having both hands free) would be, frankly, marvellous.
  10. Translator A personal favourite. I put my hand up and admit I messed around in most French and German lessons. Not clever. So how handy would it be to have a phrasebook attached to your wrist in those times when you need to urgently ask where to find a toilet?
  11. Dexcom Glucose Monitor No need to remembering to put the reader in your bag or coat, being able to read the blood glucose data on your watch will be more convenient than having to review the remote handheld device or the iPhone.
  12. Shazam I love Shazam. But whenever there seems to be a‘Shazam moment’, I have to fumble around in my pockets for my iPhone, unlock it, open the app, and inevitably I miss the moment. Now if it was available on the watch, this would all change. As would the amount I spend on iTunes...
  13. Shopping lists I’m not a list-maker and often head off to the shops with requests, only to return missing essential items. A handy list app on my watch would help – especially if my wife can ping it to me.
  14. Breaking news alerts BBC will be already be on this, I’m sure. If not, they’ll be ready to.
  15. Voucher codes Love a bargain? Imagine a voucher code app on your Apple Watch. It could track your location and bring up offers for restaurants or shops nearby so you won't miss out on the best deals.

Now, most of this is basic stuff but it makes you think of the vast possibilities, doesn’t it? I’d love to know what you think.

I’ve concluded that the Apple Watch has huge potential for all of us, and may well be another game changer. For now though, I’m dreaming of serving up that perfectly-timed roast dinner… 

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