Our top 5 predictions for Christmas 2022


It’s time to think about Christmas.

You know it’s true. As a fundraiser, your head’s in December long before the trees start regaining their leaves – let alone losing them!

And for good reason. Christmas is the fundraising moment for most UK charities, large or small. That festive spirit gets people giving – it’s the season of generosity and kindness.

But capitalising on that is never quite so simple. And this year, like every year, there’s a lot to be thinking about.

But here’s some good news: our strategy team is on the case. They’ve put their ears to the ground and their heads together and they’ve come up with a few timely predictions to help you get planning…

#1 A year for reunions

Touch wood, this Christmas will be the one that brings us all back together – in person this time. And we don’t just mean close family, but the whole circle – from mum and dad to those old school friends. For charities like yours, that means more opportunities for in-person fundraising – from carolling to christmas bakes.

#2 The Big Squeeze

2022 may not be wreaking havoc on our social lives, but it won’t be plain sailing – this year’s pressure is financial.

However we spin it, we’re in the midst of a cost of living crisis. Ongoing global conflict will only cause further instability – and by Christmas, consumers will be hit hard.

This means less Christmas spending – and less disposable income to give to charity.

#3 A sustainable Christmas?

More and more, people are turning away from glossy wrapping paper and gimmicky gifts. And they’re getting angry at the enormous waste that we all associate with Christmas. People want quality, not quantity.

#4 An experience economy

With that, people are also increasingly opting for meaningful experiences, rather than ‘stuff’. As fundraisers, we have an opportunity to give people those experiences – and use them to create powerful connections to our causes.

#5 Traditions Reborn

The unpredictability of the past few years has seen people yearn for traditional ways of doing things. Activities like Christmas card writing have boomed. And it’s safe to say that nostalgia for traditions of Christmas past won’t be waning in 2022.

So – what does this all mean?

As always, uncertainty brings with it new opportunities for charities to make their causes known.

For some charities, the prevalence of social issues in the news may work to amplify their message – and draw attention to their cause. For others, getting heard amidst the noise – and acquiring new donors – might prove a challenge.

Yet with public trust in government at an all time low*, this is an opportunity for all charities – big and small – to speak up and provide solutions in turbulent times.

But how?

That’s the big question, right? Well, we’ve got a few ideas.

Start by asserting your relevance…

This Christmas, you need to prove that your charity is making a tangible difference. That means connecting your cause to current issues – and showing that, whatever is happening in the world, your work matters.

Show your gratitude…

With all that’s gone on these past few years, many of us will be feeling grateful for what we have this year. Think about how you can get your supporters to tap into that feeling – and turn that into giving.

Give people experiences…

Over the pandemic, many of us went in search of new skills and experiences. Try engaging your supporters with a chance to learn something new. Or use technology to provide cost-effective, accessible experiences that show your work in a new light.

Make use of tradition…

… but help people shape new ones. Things have changed a lot, and while people may be relishing in nostalgia, they’re also looking for new traditions. Supporting your charity could be one of them.

And finally, amongst all those ideas, be sure to stick to one key principle: be authentic.

People have had enough of the ‘new normal-s’ and the ‘now-more-than-ever-s’. This Christmas, work to anticipate the cliches. Cut through the noise – and be radically honest about why your cause matters.

We’re already working with charities to get these conversations started – make more of their appeals this Christmas. We’d love to do the same for you.