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Oona Väisänen By Oona Väisänen

In the 15 years since Consider was founded, we’ve experienced the shift from being a ‘do for me’ agency to a ‘think for me’ agency. Realising this necessity to think and act more strategically, we are formalising this shift and are working towards reflecting this in our team and in how we approach our projects.

Having started at Consider as an account manager, I’ve continually evaluated how we work with our clients – focusing on client needs and the areas where we can continue to be a truly valued agency partner. This is now transitioning into a more strategic role – considering the HOW, the WHAT and the WHY. It’s not just about great creative and effective campaigns – we want to demonstrate a strategic point of view.

While we’ve always been great thinkers for our clients, we’ve never really made much noise about it and, despite strategy playing a part in almost every piece we’ve worked on, we’ve never really articulated it.

So, before the end of the year I’ll have moved into a dedicated strategy role and we’ll start to grow our team in order to support the fast-growing demand. You’ll definitely hear more from us about our approach to strategy and insight, and if you want to chat about it more then drop me a line and I’ll tell you all about it over a coffee.

Our current research, insight and strategy projects have seen us really focusing on what clients and their audiences really need. But there’s so much going on under the surface as well, which is helping us establish the principles around our strategic offering.

Our role has always been to ensure we nail the brief and deliver the best possible work that meets client’s requirements, engages audiences and exceeds objectives. The way I believe we can further that is by focusing on the three things that are really important to us and our clients: customer satisfaction through excellence in account management, work brought to life by highly effective ideas, and ensuring this is backed by robust strategic thinking and insight.

It’s a very exciting time at Consider with these new developments, we know this will help you achieve more in the future too!

Thanks for reading, and please get in touch if you’d like to hear more.

Oona Väisänen

Oona Väisänen


Oona is a genuinely creative strategic thinker - as adept with the bigger picture as she is with the most minute detail. Simply put, she gets it. Oona began her Consider career as an Account Manager, but now also takes the lead on strategic projects - pushing our strategic offering further with every job. Find out a little more about Oona over on the Consider blog.