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Natalie Plowman By Natalie Plowman

We’re always on the look-out for tech trends, creative insights and developments in the education and charity sectors. When we find something interesting, we like to share it because #sharingiscaring . So, here’s a collection of our recent posts – just in case you missed out on any of the highlights!

#MondayMotivation – Looking back at our 2017 predictions (Digital Trends)

‘Alexa wiped the floor with its competitors during the year, and from CES 2017 onward it sure seemed like device manufacturers were tripping over themselves to flex their “Works with Alexa” muscle. While this has led to some pretty silly integrations, it’s also a testament to Amazon’s strength. This also left Google, Apple and Microsoft with a smaller segment of the market to fight over.’ Yep, Amazon is on a roll at the moment. Read the full article on

#CharityTuesday – Key findings from Tech Trust’s digital charity survey 2018 (Charity Digital News)

‘90% of charities surveyed are on at least one social media platform. But 58% don’t have a digital strategy.’ There’s no need to go into a frenzied panic though- just think of all that untapped potential! See our strategy work for charities to get some digi-inspiration. Read the full findings on

#WednesdayWisdom – Michael Bierut: How to design a library that makes kids want to read (TED Talk)

Veteran graphic designer Bierut (he of the 2016 HRC campaign logo) on the law of unintended consequences. He was hired to design a logo for New York’s school libraries. And he came up with a neat solution: L!BRARY, standing for Library Initiative. As he says: ‘I thought, mission accomplished, there's your logo. So what's interesting about this logo, an unintended consequence, was that it turned out that they didn't really even need my design because you could type it any font, you could write it by hand, and when they started sending emails around, they just would use Shift and 1, they'd get their own logo just right out of the thing. And I thought, well, that's fine. Feel free to use that logo.’ Not the whole story, of course… watch it on YouTube

#ThowbackThursday – Gillette’s new assisted shaving razor video

Gillette jump into the story-telling space usually reserved for charities with this heartfelt and compelling testimonial. As one of the comments says: ‘Aww Gillette, you almost made me cry a man tear.’ Read more about big brands and meaningful storytelling from our very own Ellie Adamo.

#FridayFeeling – Time for a cake-break (Considergram)

Hey, we post about anything interesting that comes across our desk here at Consider. So how could we not shout about this lemon cake baked by one of our new starters? (We hope he never leaves us!). Take a look on our Considergram.

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Natalie Plowman

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