Emma Storey - The people behind the magic


For Emma Storey, the basis of top-notch account management is simple. "It's all about building good, strong relationships with clients," she says. Given that at Consider, we are so very devoted to our clients, it's no surprise that she's happy in her new role.

Entering the world of design

Emma took a bit of time to find her feet in the design world. She studied sociology at Birmingham University, got a job in the public sector and then made the bold step of going back to college to do an MA in graphic design. "I'd always wanted to explore that side of myself," she says. "I just needed to push myself."

She soon found work in the London agency world, and after three years in her last role was still looking to find her niche. Her best pal worked at the British Red Cross (a much loved client of Consider) and kept urging her to get in touch. "She said the guys were so much fun, I'd really get on with them." In the end, an interview was arranged and the rest is history.

Getting up to speed at Consider

When Emma arrived at our Tower Bridge studio, she immediately got to grips with sorting out the rapid flow of work around London Business School's Global Leadership Summit. "It was a fast-paced and exciting project," she says. "There was stage design, banners, signage, advertising, brochures and emails. It was great."

Emma looks forward to helping London Business School develop lots of new creative projects in the near future. In the meantime, she's got plenty of other things to keep her entertained and occupied. She enjoys going to London's museums and galleries, loves travelling and is a "major coffee fanatic" (spending much of her free time in obscure, out-of-the-way independent coffee shops).

"Don't get me wrong, I'm not a caffeine addict," she says. "I'm more into the culture of coffee." Of course...