This International Women’s Day, here are our heroes.

Joe Nicholson By Joe Nicholson

In every corner of the earth, brave and talented women are forging a better, more balanced world. An equal world, where everyone can live in safety and dignity – and where everyone matters.

Every day at Consider, we tell their stories. For that, we count ourselves lucky. This International Women’s Day, here are just some of the women who inspire us most.

1. Soaad, from Egypt

Soaad is just 14 – but she’s already proving herself a superwoman.

She lives in one of Cairo’s poorest neighbourhoods, where girls are fighting against the odds. There, street harassment is rife, so Soaad and her friends are at risk even walking to school – and many parents in the city choose to keep their daughters home to protect them.

The thing is, being trapped at home means missing out on an education – and that’s not fair. But Soaad’s not having any of it.

She’s learning self-defence with Plan International. She’s convincing her parents that her education is worth having. And she’s growing in confidence.

We can only imagine the things Soaad’s going to achieve when she’s grown up.

2. Alice, from Sierra Leone

We can’t believe that women like Alice exist.

You see, she’s a midwife in rural Liberia – where women often have to go without medical care when they give birth. And in a staggering thirty-year career, Alice has delivered thousands of babies, giving women devoted care even in the midst of civil war and the horrors of the Ebola crisis.

She’s part of a Save the Children clinic, which brings maternal healthcare to mums and babies who would otherwise have to risk it without.

Her legacy is lives upon lives saved. Simply, we’re in awe.

3. Vitalina, from Ukraine

Ukraine isn’t an easy place to be LGBTI+. But because of Vitalina, it’s not hopeless.

Vitalina courageously runs a support centre for LGBTI+ people in a hostile climate. She’s a fighter, organising protests against the far-right – and she keeps on, even when she’s endured vicious physical violence from thugs who want to shut her up.

With the support of Amnesty International, brave women like Vitalina are forging a more accepting, loving world, where people can live in dignity no matter their gender or sexuality.

We stand with her.

4. Dr Andrea and Dr Ana, London

Creative. Strategic. Determined.

That potent combination is shared by Dr Andrea Rodriguez Martinez and Dr Ana Luisa Neves at Imperial College London. And they’re using those talents to change the world.

They’re winners of a prestigious prize from Imperial’s Enterprise Lab, which nurtures student entrepreneurs. They’re using this funding to develop a ground-breaking bit of tech, which could be a lifeline to women across the world.

Their start-up, called Momoby, is developing an easy finger-prick test that reveals common illnesses in pregnant women. It’ll be a gamechanger in low-income countries, where maternal health is lacking. It’s such a simple, creative idea – but it could save so many lives.

That’s why they’re our heroes.

5. Liz, Sutton Coldfield

Liz is truly remarkable.

She’s dedicated 40 years of her life to helping stroke survivors recover.

When she started volunteering, there was barely any support – but alongside the Stroke Association, and with endless energy and positivity, she’s seen huge changes to how people recover from stroke in her community.

Her words tell you everything you need to know about how selfless she is: “I feel privileged because I’ve seen what stroke survivors can achieve with a bit of help and encouragement.”

We could all learn something from Liz.

In everything we do at Consider, we stand with women. Whether we’re raising money for charities who fund empower women worldwide, or partnering with universities raising the next generation of women leaders, we want to help build a world where everyone is equal.

Our heroes this International Women’s Day keep us going.

Joe Nicholson

Joe Nicholson

Head of Copy

Joe’s a big thinker who understands the power of words. As Head of Copy, he combines consistent creative magic with cross-channel expertise and rock-solid strategic thinking. Joe’s an experienced fundraiser, who also serves as a Trustee for homelessness charity, Housing Justice – you can read more about him here