Three ways to keep your student community engaged online

Ioanna Thomadaki By Ioanna Thomadaki

What’s your fondest memory of being a student?

Chances are, it’s not the studying.

Naturally, your course was important – perhaps it even changed how you saw the world.

But most of us would agree that our university experience is so much more than lectures and books. It’s about the people we meet. The experiences that shape us. The places that leave such lasting memories.

It’s tough for today’s students, for whom everything is distanced or online. They’re missing so many of those formative, unmissable experiences. Studying seems like the only thing they’ve got left!

And if your role is communicating with students, you’ll know that your job is more important than ever.

Because your comms – whether it’s welcoming Freshers or celebrating achievements – have a much bigger role to play in creating that all-important student experience.

So how do you create thoughtful, meaningful communications at a time like this?

Firstly, tune in to your students. Lean heavily on their content, testimonials and stories – ask yourself, where can you replace an official voice with a student’s? Right now, peer-to-peer connections between students are vital.

Next, find digital ways to capture those moments that define university experience. Think personalised welcome videos, or individual congratulations films for graduations – like the ones we made for the ACCA

Finally, think about the places that matter most to your students. It’s probably not the library!

Think the union, the campus coffee shop, the theatre, the sports clubs… what defines these spaces? Who are the personalities that work there? Share their stories and help students feel connected to the physical university.

Of course, no amount of comms will bring the student experience back to normal – but done right, your student engagement really can create a positive – and lasting – sense of community.

Ioanna Thomadaki

Ioanna Thomadaki

Senior Account Manager Ioanna has the kind of calm confidence that comes from 10 years of agency experience. She’s found her way to us from the commercial sector, matching insight and nouse with an easy empathy. Ioanna loves a client with a vision – and she’ll certainly get yours off the ground.