We all want to do something about mental health. But where do we start?

Joe Nicholson By Joe Nicholson

Society is changing. Mental health isn’t the taboo it once was.

But it feels like there’s a mountain to climb.

We need better support services so people get specialist help before they reach crisis point. Waiting lists are too long. Outdated, discriminatory laws like the Mental Health Act need reform.

And then there’s the year we’ve just had, which has dealt an unbearable blow on the mental health of so many.

In the chaos of 2020, though, we have the opportunity to build something better. But where do we start?

That’s where our World Mental Health Day proposition for Mind came from.

Mind’s mission is to build a kinder, safer society for everyone living with a mental health problem. But their work is as a complex as the issue – ranging from political campaigns to online peer support and information for front-line workers.

Yet what can we, as individuals, do?

We wanted to create a single proposition that united every single aspect of Mind’s work – and invited every one of their supporters in to help:

Do one thing today – start with Mind.

For individuals struggling with their mental health, we said: do one thing today. Reach out to Mind. Support and information is here for you.

For those feeling powerless as the nation’s mental health spirals, we said: do one thing today. Donate to Mind. Fuel their work to build a kinder post-Covid world.

For those who know the law needs to change, we said: do one thing today. Campaign with Mind. Stand up for your community.

And for those itching to do more, we said: do one thing today. Start helping others, with Mind. Whether you start volunteering as a peer supporter, or use Mind’s resources to make your workplace safer, there is so much you can do.

One simple action can seem small.

But each drop of water creates a ripple.

And together, these ripples make a wave.

World Mental Health Day is just one day – but if we all do just one thing for better mental health this October, it’s a damn good start.

Joe Nicholson

Joe Nicholson

Head of Copy

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