We've been shortlisted for the IoF Best Legacy Campaign!

Ian Boardman By Ian Boardman

As most know, the National Fundraising Award shortlists have been unveiled. And I’m excited that our pledger stewardship experience for Save the Children is up for Best Legacy Campaign.

I’m particularly chuffed because it shows what comes of true collaboration. It was a real team effort between Consider, Save the Children and insight experts Good Innovation, with each bringing their expertise to create something unique for pledgers.

From the beginning it was clear that Save the Children were committed to giving their pledgers a journey better than any in the sector. And so they gave us a blank canvas to create the best pledger journey.

I’ve long thought that those who tell charities like Save the Children they’ve left them a gift in their will deserve an inspiring and engaging experience – it’s little effort compared to their potential as a supporter – so it must be said this sounded a lot like music to my fundraising ears.

We knew that, before we could start imagining anything new, we needed to really understand who we were aiming this at. That’s why we asked audience research and insight experts Good Innovation to help.

Getting to know existing and potential supporters helped us ditch some assumptions. For example, an early hunch was that pledgers would jump at the chance to be in a special kind of club linked to the charity’s heritage.

Turns out this wasn’t the case at all. Research told us that the past was less important than unforgettable stories from today. Pledgers wanted a behind-the-scenes look at Save the Children’s life-changing work – and reassurance that their gift will be used well.

This was a turning point, and a proposition and creative were established quickly from here. It’s fair to say there was a real pleasure in creating an experience we were confident pledgers genuinely wanted.

And the results have proved that to be the case. Pledger engagement is rising, with responses doubling that of past campaigns. All of which indicates we’re well on the way to achieving our overall goal of reducing pledger attrition. Being shortlisted for the IoF Awards feels like the icing on the cake.

It feels to me that between Consider, Good Innovation and Save the Children, we’ve achieved something even bigger than this stewardship experience. Working together like this feels like it should be the norm and best practice in the sector. That way we ensure supporters are at the heart of everything we do.

A huge congratulations to everybody who was shortlisted – it’s an inspiration to see what we’re achieving in the sector today.

See you in July!

Ian Boardman

Ian Boardman

Co-founder & Client Strategy Director

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