Weathering the storm

Phil Lindsay By Phil Lindsay

We hope that you are all adjusting to the new reality as lockdown begins to ease. It has certainly been a worrying and challenging six months for everyone. And yet, amongst all this there have been many positive stories of people rising to the challenge, not least of all the hundreds of thousands of key workers around the world helping us fight and survive Covid-19.

We are very privileged to work on so many good causes, and the last six months has seen us creating new propositions and campaigns for the likes of Diabetes UK, Mind, RightShip and Shelter to name just a few. Most recently we have welcomed RNLI and Whizz-Kidz into the fold, with some exciting briefs already underway.

To those clients that have stuck with us through thick and thin, thank you. Your commitment to us, when you are all going through tough times is truly appreciated. When I hear a client say "we've made the right choice to work with Consider",  I know we're getting it right – our team work hard, everyday, to make that so, for all of you.

Behind the scenes

Having closed our office back in March, we have embraced the enforced isolation at home – from creating workspaces on ironing boards, having kids running amok on video calls, to craving haircuts and hugs, we’re all adjusting to the new reality. We have found ourselves revelling in 'Consider Island Discs', virtual beers and lunchtime discussions on mental health, inclusion and diversity.

We have not furloughed any staff, and that has meant being able to give our all to the projects in our studio at the moment. Feedback like "Food for thought is an understatement: you've given us a feast!" is what happens when the Consider team really get stuck in to a challenging brief, so keep them coming please.

A couple of our team, Ioanna and Jo had barely started at Consider before lockdown hit, but have really shown their mettle in these recent months - becoming much loved members of the Consider family. We have celebrated work anniversaries, birthdays, an engagement, arrival of new pets all over video. But we're missing each other, it's not the same as being in the office!

Wider perspective

Social media has again enabled previously unheard or ignored voices to be heard. Looking back over the last couple of years we have seen the likes of the #MeToo movement and Extinction Rebellion really upend the status quo, and now George Floyd's death is leading to real action on equality and diversity.

What are Consider doing? Well we're busy beavering away working out what realistic, actual change we can bring about internally and in the work we produce. Lasting change on representation and inclusivity is important to us, we're not flash in the pan people. Social media maybe the mouthpiece, but ultimately it is up to all of us to turn these issues into positive action for a better future for the long term.

Stay safe, look after each other and we look forward to seeing you in person before too long!

Phil Lindsay

Phil Lindsay

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Phil is responsible for the overall operational and financial efficiency of Consider. Originally our Technical Director, Phil now looks after our amazing team, keeps a keen eye on our finances, and is helping develop the structure and tools we need to grow. You can read Phil's latest thinking on our blog.