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Creatives in the digital design industry are getting excited about a new smartphone application called Blippar. They are slinging around phrases like "augmented reality" and "virtual brand engagement". But what does this actually mean for an organisation's communications? Is Blippar practical? And is it worth it?

Is print the new digital?

Consider's digital director Ben Leeves has no doubts. "It's the real thing," he says. "Here is an app which enables you to hold your smartphone over, let's say, a mailpiece and gain access to a whole set of highly crafted interactive experiences. The possibilities have yet to be fully explored."

By embedding a Blippar smart-code in a leaflet or a poster, brands can offer people a wealth of digital content on their phones or tablets. Games, animations, real-time information, videos, audio tracks, social media networks and microsites can all pop up on the phone when it's used to scan the code. Suddenly, this gives a whole new meaning to brand integration.

Brand integration made simple

"We really are looking at creating brand experiences which move seamlessly from print to digital and back again," says Ben. "The challenge from a design perspective is about ensuring visual appeal and distinctiveness. But this is made simpler by the nature of the Blippar platform."

The people behind Blippar are design-conscious. So their codes have a striking look and a consistently expressed graphic identity. They are tactile and grabbable - a "b" more like the clean Facebook "f" (and less like a muddy QR code). This is significant because it's likely to encourage up-take among sophisticated consumers. 

Blippar also holds great prospects for e-commerce by simplifying and making trackable the whole business of offering coupons and trialling products. It's also relatively inexpensive to run.

"I can't wait to show our clients what this could do for them," says Ben. "Blippar is about digital, but it's also about print. That's a great fit with our mix of skills here at Consider. We're really well placed to take a lead on this."

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Ben is your man. Please feel free to give him a call if you want to see how new technology can help support your brand.

Ben Leeves

Ben Leeves

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