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Everything we do starts with a question: what if?

It means imagining possibilities. Challenging the status quo.

It’s the heart of our creative and strategic process. It’s the core of all our work – from TV campaigns to brand propositions and integrated journeys, and everything in between.

When you choose Consider, you’re choosing our people. Our passionate team who ask the right questions – and help you change what’s possible.

  • Strategy

    Strategy is the core of everything we do, elevating our work to meet client needs. By aligning with business challenges we become valued thought partners, whilst deep audience understanding ensures robust thinking built around empathy. Our team then use key insights, uncover trends and lead category audits to arrive at our unique perspective - used as the basis to form great creative ideas!

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  • Branding

    Brands aren’t just a logo, some nice colours and a few choice phrases. They help people connect with you to build prosperous relationships. We want your brand to make people fall in love with you, frankly. So whether you have an event or a campaign, we’ll work with you to create a powerful presence and identity.

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  • Not for profit

    We know a lot about the charity world. We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation as a safe bet for charities looking to do amazing things with individual donors, fundraising appeals, their legacy programme and more. We work with most of the big name charities, as well as a number smaller ones we’re helping on their way to becoming big names too.

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  • Digital

    Digital media has been deeply embedded within Consider’s culture from day one – way back before Facebook, YouTube and most of the other amazing social media tools at our disposal today. That’s why our website designs, email campaigns and landing pages work so well. Our award-winning designers use digital thinking to add value to every online and offline project we do.

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  • Motion / Animation

    Motion, animation and music bring stories to life in the most emotionally affecting way possible. From fade-in to final edit, we produce video content that gives your audiences the information you need them to know – in a beautiful and engaging format.
  • Direct marketing

    Q Are we experts at DM? A: Why yes, yes we are. We’re not being immodest here, we’ve just got many hundreds of successful DM campaigns under our collective belts. Millions of pounds have been raised by charities on the back of our DM campaigns that inspire both head and heart responses in those who receive them.  We’re really proud of that.
  • Design for print

    Print is not dead, at all. There are countless as-yet-undiscovered ways to cause a bit of a fuss using print – we’re probably developing a couple of them as you read this. We pride ourselves on inspired, brilliantly written and designed print that works hard to inspire your donors or customers.
  • Campaigns

    There’s a reason the four directors who started Consider back in 2003 each have a different specialism, it’s because they knew that their individual expertise creates something greater than the sum of its parts. That’s why our meticulously researched and wonderfully creative cross-channel marketing works across all media channels – to get better results for you.
  • Event branding

    Who doesn’t love a really well put-together event? We develop event marketing strategies, take care of the messaging and design, then produce your event website and print collateral as well as stage design, display and signage. The end result is a  brilliant event that people remember for all the right reasons.

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