Building brands that stand out

Brands have been created the same way for decades and – to be quite honest – we don't think that's always such a good thing. Most people will first engage with your brand on a phone or tablet screen, rather than a letterhead or shop-front.

So instead of creating an offline brand a crowbarring it into a Twitter avatar, we start working on your brand in the digital sphere first – the end result is a future-proofed brand that works hard, wherever people see it.

Brand Identity

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Get noticed for the right reasons

What makes you stand out? Find the answer and you've taken the first step towards creating a brand that works for you. We can help you distill what you're about and get it across to the people who matter. That means making sure your messaging and design work together as perfectly Statler & Waldorf – making you a magnet for the audiences you're after.

  • Strategy

    Before getting down to the nuts and bolts of your brand it's important to step back and look at the big picture. We'll help you get things into perspective, identify your long-term goals and devise a roadmap to get you smoothly to your destination.

    • Nailing down your purpose
    • Achieving consistency
    • Making it emotive
    • Being flexible
    • Cultivating loyalty
    • Clocking the competition
  • Messaging

    If you want to be heard it's not just what you say that's important, it's how you say it. We pride ourselves on our pitch perfect communications – so turn to us to tidy up your messaging. We'll make sure your tone of voice is distinctive, appropriate and chimes with your audience and your identity.

    • Expressing personality
    • Reflecting values
    • Standing out
    • Being persuasive
    • Speaking to your audience
  • Identity

    If your brand is up to scratch it will reflect your organisation's values and ideas, while sparking the emotion and response you want from the people you're communicating with. If you're experiencing an identity crisis we can help you establish who you are and how to harness it for real competitive cut through.

    • Getting to grips with your goals
    • Identifying your personality
    • Developing your look and feel
    • Establishing your tone of voice

Brand Refresh

Imperial College London - Imperial College School of Medicine Brand

Time for a brand booster?

Is your brand looking old and tired? Has it become estranged from your goals and values? We can work with you to give your brand a masterly makeover so it looks better, works harder and delivers what you want.

Sub Brands

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That family feeling

Does your brand have unruly off-shoots? Are your sub-brands fighting each other rather than working in harmony? We can make sure your brand's babies look and sound like part of the same family and work together to reflect your overall values.

Brand Guidelines

Imperial College London - Dyson School of Design Engineering Brand

Your branding bible

From tweets and blog posts to mailings and ads, every communication should reflect and reinforce your brand. We'll help you put together brand guidelines – with the low-down on everything from colours to vocabulary – so you can make sure everyone in your organisation is singing from the same hymn sheet.

Roll Out

Avoiding a rocky roll-out

How you roll out a new brand is vital if you're to retain trust and maintain continuity. We'll give you guidance on getting the pace right, keeping an eye on responses and managing the whole process smoothly and confidently.

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