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Membership retention in a pandemic year


A global retention campaign for ACCA members and affiliates: email, SMS, direct mail, targeted social media, AB magazine app.

The challenge

ACCA’s annual retention campaign is a priority moment, where members pay their renewal fees and affiliates – those working towards membership – subscribe again.

But this year was like no other. The uncertainty of the pandemic, worldwide economic turmoil and rising unemployment put ACCA’s retention targets at risk.

That’s why ACCA asked us to create their global retention campaign, with a target to get nearly all of their members and affiliates renewing for another year. With the sensitivities around many people’s financial situations, we had to communicate the value of ACCA membership more persuasively than ever before.

The pressure was on.

The solution

We quickly realised that an urgent, pushy approach to this campaign just wasn’t appropriate.

After 2020, we knew we had to change the conversation. We had to move our audience away from seeing renewal as an inconvenient cost, or a dull administrative task. Instead, this campaign needed to be about benefits, about opting-in to another year of everything ACCA has to offer.

So we asked people, quite simply, to say YES.

This was renewal, reframed. Renewing is saying YES to being part of a network of the world’s brightest finance professionals. It’s saying YES to the resources that will help you succeed. It’s saying YES to all the doors that an ACCA membership can open for you.

Our uplifting, encouraging campaign was built around that nudge: say YES – now.

Written in accessible, global English and paired with vibrant visuals, we told ACCA’s 260,000 members and affiliates that, after the turbulence of 2020, renewal was their ticket to a brighter year.

Our strategy carried this message across seven months, structuring our cross-channel campaign to maximise response. But we didn’t just create it and leave. We worked with ACCA as strategic partners throughout, closely monitoring email response rates and engagement on social – and adapting.

As a result, we spotted lapses in engagement, and responded – building new creative segments and introducing incentives to make sure no member or affiliate slipped through the net.

The results

We’re delighted that this campaign was a roaring success – exceeding its final target.

Engagement metrics were strong throughout, with consistent email open rates between 44 and 52% and click throughs between 12 and 16%. By reframing the conversation, we kept ACCA’s membership base strong. We couldn’t be happier.

Here’s what our friends at ACCA have to say:

“Simple and honest messaging was the key to this campaign. We knew that our global membership was having very different experiences, but the strong value message resonated with everyone. The relationship with Consider allowed us to be truly agile – creating a real benefit for me – and our members” 
Claire Sleep, Head of Marketing Planning.