Our work


Using TikTok to engage a global audience


A series of 20-second TikTok videos

The challenge

ACCA have a truly global audience, including every career stage. On this occasion, they wanted to reach out to the students – the millennials and Gen Z-ers – to inspire them to continue on their ACCA journey.

To do this, timing was key. The campaign was to run on TikTok just as exam results were released, catching students as they celebrated (or commiserated) their scores: the perfect moment for a spot of motivation.

But the campaign itself was to become much bigger.

As TikTok is a relatively new channel for ACCA, we saw this is an opportunity to hit two birds with one stone: engaging current students while showcasing the benefits of a career in finance to a much bigger audience.

In this way, we transformed this single-issue campaign into a brand piece for ACCA, and brought in a whole new audience.

The solution

The success of the campaign rested entirely on the content. So we combed through the student testimonials for voices that felt authentic and exciting. Voices that reflected the drive and ambitions of ACCA students.

We then did a deep dive into the platform, exploring current trends, video formats and styles.

From there, we edited the best of the videos to reflect a diverse body of students and motivations: from career opportunities to the chance to work abroad.

The content fit TikTok seamlessly. All that was left to do was adapt the format for TikTok – experimenting with music and animation – to make sure the videos stood out for our audience.




The results

The videos were uploaded to TikTok and achieved great results. Here’s a few:

  • Over 6 million impressions
  • Over 15,000 page visits
  • Over 37,000 video likes

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