Our work


Welcome and stewardship journey to membership

The challenge:

In order to become a certified chartered accountant and New Member of the ACCA, Affiliates must first undertake and record three years of practical, vocational experience. Affiliate engagement and interaction started to decrease by year two on the existing journey, so we developed a new user journey and content strategy built around the subjects and insights that motivate Affiliates the most.

The Solution:

Today's students are tomorrow's Affiliates, so we undertook a significant piece of international audience research with the ACCA's 'Generation Next' segmentation. Focusing on a number of key markets including China, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and UK & Ireland, we looked to identify the driving factors for a career in accountancy and finance, what ACCA membership really meant to people and what they want / need / expect from the organisation now and in the future.

Rather than overloading Affiliates from the offset, we proposed a balance of information that would cover what people needed to know e.g. what was categorically required of them and what they wanted to know e.g. case studies, insights and benefits. This methodology was mapped out against a three-year timeline which delivered this information when it would be most useful to the individuals - with a new tone of voice that was engaging, motivational, encouraging and aspirational.

Utilising or adapting existing ACCA content and originating new content we introduced a new digital welcome journey to take a truly international audience through to the start of their membership with messaging that reminded Affiliates why they chose to include ACCA as an integral part of their career.

Following the success and global adoption of the journey, the ACCA have since briefed us on their New Member Welcome Journey and additional strategic and creative briefs.

“Working with the team at Consider has been a real joy from both a personal and professional perspective. The 1st project we worked on together was relatively large and complex. However, the project was flawlessly delivered from start to finish and the level of understanding they demonstrated in our organisation and its customers was that of a relationship spanning years. My sentiments are also shared by my team, who are greatly looking forward to collaborating on future strategies and projects.”

Callum Forsyth - Head of Marketing Planning