Our work


Biofuels campaign direct mail

The Challenge

How can a charity help an audience understand a complex issue and be inspired to take action to help resolve it? This was our challenge when ActionAid approached us to create a direct mail campaign to encourage supporters to sign a petition in opposition of biofuels. 

The Solution

We came up with a ‘BIOFOOLED’ campaign, which challenged the brief and highlighted the indignation that governments had wrongly promoted biofuels as a solution to climate change. To grab attention, we created an innovative response material made from reflective material which showed the recipient’s face alongside the message: “You thought biofuels were a solution to climate change. You’ve been BIOFOOLED.” The message was reinforced with examples of how communities in developed nations have also been misled, to explain the issue more clearly. To turn this outrage into action, we then outlined simply how recipients could sign the petition. 

The Results

Surpassed targets with a 17.4% response rate 

4369 recipients took action

1500 requested more information

“I have worked with a lot of creative agencies and it’s been a total joy working with you guys. The quality of both your work and the service you have given me have been outstanding” Josie Cohen, Campaign Officer, ActionAid.