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Alzheimer's Society

Raffle pack

The Challenge

Alzheimer’s Society is the UK’s leading charity focused on fighting dementia. Like many charities, they receive a significant amount of income from their raffle and lottery programmes. However, after ten years, their raffle mailings had become tired and donor attrition was high. Alzheimer’s Society brought Consider on board to come up with a fresh approach and give this vital income stream a new lease of life.

The Solution

Our work on raffle and lottery fundraising for other clients meant we knew the key to success would be determining the audience’s preference between cause-led and prize-led content. To find the perfect approach, we devised two test packs – each featuring completely different copy, creative and cause/prize focus.

Our first test launched in Summer 2016, with a second one mailing just before Christmas. Though both packs performed extremely well, the prize-led pack, which encouraged supporters to think about how the prize would change their life, eventually won out. As of 2017 it forms the basis for all Alzheimer’s Society raffle mailings. 

The Results

Our concepts were responsible for Alzheimer’s Society’s best ever performing raffle mailings. At Christmas 2016, income was 19% over target, raising tens of thousands of pounds more than expected. Non-purchase average gifts beat their target by 41%, a sure sign that our carefully thought through messaging has motivated people to do more to fund the incredible work the charity does to help people with dementia.

The Numbers


Total Income: 19% increase on target.

Average non-purchase gift: 41% over target.

Increases in: Response rate, average purchase, ROI.