Our work


Believe in Children newsletter

The challenge

To reassure Barnardo’s donors of the value of their long term support, show where their money goes and to reduce attrition rate.

What we did

We wanted to make Barnardo’s donors feel they are as much a part of the charity as those who volunteer; that they make a true difference. The Believe in Children newsletter reflects on the charity’s successes whilst also conveying the ongoing need for donations.

In recent years there has been increasing demand from a discerning public to answer the question: “Where does my money go?” It was therefore important to stress that a regular gift from them allows Barnardo’s to plan their work more efficiently and effectively, providing much needed support for children and young people as long as is necessary.

The newsletter promotes these needs with a friendly and accessible look and feel. We were responsible for much of the copywriting, with content ranging from real life case studies showing how donations are put to use, to what’s on offer at selected Barnardo’s shops.

"A challenging brief as there is no direct ask here. The newsletter needs to be a communications piece that makes the reader feel involved with the charity, let them know their donations count. It was essential that the creative was clean, easy to read and not at all overwhelming,” said Partner, Alistair Kelly.

What did the client think?

"Thank you so much for your work on the magazine, we were so pleased with the results and were very impressed with the professionalism and quality of service we got." Melissa Gledhill, Head of Supporter Development, Barnardo’s

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