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Dino campaign direct mail

The Challenge

What makes London’s Battersea Dogs & Cats Home (BDCH) unique is that they never turn a dog or cat away in need of help. They receive no government funding and rely entirely on donations from the public for their existence. They expected an influx of unwanted pets in th months after Christmas and briefed Consider to create a Direct Mailpiece (DM) asking existing supporters for cash.

The Solution

BDCH care for the animals they take in until new homes can be found for them. We decided to focus our messaging on the quality and the depth of this care by showing the typical journey an animal takes from entering to leaving the Home.

“Our creative proposition was all about family,” says Ian Boardman, Consider’s Design Director. “We showed how Battersea not only finds new families for cats and dogs, but also looks after them as if they were part of their own family.”

We created a leaflet which made graphic use of statistics to demonstrate the high levels of need and indicated exactly what different donations would buy. We showed how the Home were spending money – on food, bedding and inoculations against disease but that more money was needed to carry on the good work. The family feel at the Home was emphasised with friendly images of the animal welfare staff alongside their handwritten quotes.

Our letter focused on the stories of two particular animals, Dino and Dexter, whose images were featured front and back on the outer. That way, the mailing appealed to both dog and cat lovers.

We also included a bookmark because we know this acts as a effective incentive for warm donor audiences.

The Results

The client had only just recently started to co-ordinate its DM activity and our mailing helped to set a creative benchmark for them.

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