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Breast Cancer Now

Personalising the supporter In-Memory experience

In memory and tribute fund supporters can be loyal and engaged long-term supporters. Breast Cancer Now recognised this and wanted an overhaul of their tribute funds.

They had conducted research with internal teams around what the ideal supporter experience might be. After reviewing the insight, it became clear that we needed an online platform with offline communication support, but we needed to move away from an off-the-shelf experience like MuchLoved. And so we began to look at a more bespoke and personal approach.

As well and considering what form our supporter journey and experience should take, and what channels and communications would be appropriate, we also needed to create a look and feel that felt distinct from the newly-launched core brand.

We rebranded tribute funds as A Fund in Memory, and created a powerfully personal and emotional proposition, with the experience of those setting up the fund at its heart. The look and feel focused on emotive messaging and handwritten statements and hand-drawn hearts, rather than relying on the personal stories of others – recognising that grief is deeply individual.

This understanding and personal approach led everything.

We created a completely new fund platform online, tailored to supporters and grounded in our approach. We took the bold step of firstly asking the name of the person the fund is in memory of. This then meant we could personalise their online journey and create experience individual to them.

It also led the offline supporter experience. For the fund welcome pack, we asked the In-Memory team at Breast Cancer Now if they’d be willing to handwrite some elements in the pack themselves, like the name of the loved one for whom the fund has been created. This added sincerity and a human touch to fund communications. In addition, we asked researchers to hand-draw a heart and their sign their name as a personal endorsement and commitment to their cancer research.

We ensured this approach worked for all touchpoints – from acquisition communications, to thanking and ongoing stewardship,  the loved one remembered is at the heart of the journey.

See the fund platform here: https://inmemory.breastcancernow.org/