Our work

British Heart Foundation

In Memory brand and communications

The Challenge

We were asked by the British Heart Foundation to create a new brand for their In Memory giving materials. The new creative had to acknowledge that In Memory givers have a different primary motivation from other types of supporters. Naturally, we needed to consider that the audience may have recently lost someone close to them, while still reflecting the British Heart Foundation’s established brand, values and principles.

The Solution

Our creative solution put the individual whose life is being remembered at the forefront of the messaging, presenting In Memory giving as a way of channelling sadness into something incredibly positive, through a ‘Gift of Hope’. It needed to work across all potential touch points, on and offline, be sensitive, appropriate, sympathetic, on brand, distinctive within the BHF brand family, but also in the in memory giving marketplace, and the language had to be carefully considered as did the tone to ensure we struck a balance between being careful not to offend and inspiring people to give in memory to BHF.

The Results

Since launching the new Gift of Hope tribute site the British Heart Foundation saw the creation of new funds increase 54 per cent on the previous two months. Average donations for Gift of Hope increased by 67 per cent and total donations increased 14 per cent. There was an increase in the creation of events associated with Gift of Hope funds – up 750 per cent.

The Numbers

Average donations: 67% increase.

Total donations: 14 per cent increase.

Increase in: The creation of events associated with Gift of Hope funds – up 750%.