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The power of stories – An inspiring gifts in Wills journey


Supporter journeys for legacy prospecting and development, Direct mails, Emails, Videos, Guidance on campaign landing pages

The challenge:

Gifts in Wills make up a staggering half of the BHF’s income. So to recruit as many of these crucial legacy donors as possible, they launched a huge above the line campaign – including ads on TV and the national press. But for the thousands of people who expressed interest, the supporter journey was minimal – this vital part of convincing them to actually leave a gift was missing.

The solution:

We created a content strategy for the whole journey, making it digital-focussed because the majority of our audience wanted to be contacted via email.

Working with audience research from our friends at Good Innovation, we developed an inspiring journey with two goals: to show how their gift could save lives from heart and circulatory diseases, and to persuade them that the BHF can be trusted to use it well.

We helped the BHF find the most sparkling stories – like baby Ivy, who is only alive today because of a heart operation she had after she was born, a procedure invented by a BHF professor.
Or like Dr Adam Greenstein, the charismatic consultant who is determined to beat circulatory conditions so his daughters won’t have to fear them – and gifts in Wills are helping him do it. Plus, because we aim to make projects cost-efficient for all our clients, we repurposed existing footage and images wherever possible.

We told these stories through mail, emails, website designs, inspiring video (with our partners Bold Video), even animation – and we made every supporter’s journey personal.

That meant finding out in the first wave of comms how close they were to making a decision about a legacy gift, and discovering which area of the BHF’s research interested them most. We used this to make sure that, in every future wave of comms, our potential pledgers got the news they wanted.

The results:

And the results? Well, the journey’s still underway, but we’re thrilled that, as well as impressive response rates and lively interest, 10 people have pledged to leave gifts already. And when the average legacy gift is worth nearly £45,000, these could have a truly incredible impact on future research into heart and circulatory diseases.

(Oh, and we’re working on the BHF’s Stewardship journey for pledgers, too – making sure everyone who has decided to leave this powerful gift has the opportunity to see the incredible difference they’ll make one day. Watch this space…)