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British Red Cross

Legacy marketing campaign


British Red Cross is a humanitarian charity which helps people in crisis all over the world. Although dependent upon legacy giving (that's to say, donations left in wills) for a quarter of their income, they discovered their legacy marketing was not delivering to the standard expected. They came to Consider for help, having had a successful working relationship with us for eight years.


We planned, created and delivered a large-scale integrated campaign for British Red Cross which revitalised their whole approach to legacy marketing.

Working with the British Red Cross team, we identified that as well as the traditional donor audience there was a new audience we needed to target. This was the Baby Boomer generation, who were starting to become concerned about what they would leave behind in the world.

After being closely involved with extensive research group activity, we understood that what was needed was a strong and supple creative approach.

Our concept for the campaign was based on the familiar refrain of “Remember, remember.” This keyed into the shared memories of all audiences and was flexible enough to remind them of how the compassion and courage of British Red Cross had helped people in many disasters – whether international {“Remember Haiti”), national (“Remember 7/7”) or local (“Remember Aberfan”).

Using a visual language of scattered Polaroid photos to support the “Remember” theme,we created a huge range of materials designed to touch people at different points in their relationship with British Red Cross.

We developed a direct mailpiece and follow-up enquiry booklet, press ads, retail leaflets, event materials and more. All had the intention of converting people from “maybes” to “definites” when it came to legacy giving. A firm pledge was what the client was after.


Consider developed the legacy campaign after a strong track record creating direct mail campaigns for British Red Cross. The client, Jonathan Jacques, was so impressed with the strength of our work that he regularly uses it as an example of best practice at conferences.

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