Our work

British Red Cross

On- and offline advertising campaign

The challenge

To convert a cold online audience into donors over the Christmas period.

What we did

The British Red Cross are helping families in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to start their own duck farms and to purchase cows. This enables families to re-establish their livelihood after a disaster such as the recent flooding, and remain sustainable – not reliant on handouts.

This campaign asked for ducks and cows to be donated to these families. It’s a bit of a different ask and we had a quite a bit of fun with the creative as it evolved into a quirky and humorous campaign whilst trying to avoid familiar disaster images. Banners, emails and press ads all featured some peculiar-looking ducks and cows.

The advertising runs over the Christmas period, both on- and offline in many newspapers, Christmas shopping features and weekend supplements.

“Hours of copywriting, finding messages that engage and amuse without being clichéd, resulted in a campaign that was great fun to work on. This is an intelligent audience we’re appealing to, with a serious ask so the creative had to stand out in very crowded market place,” said Senior Designer, Inigo Matas.

The results

As a test campaign for this more humorous kind of messaging, it has already had 100% return on investment.

And the verdict?

“The creative is probably the best I've seen from our charity clients. A little bit of tongue-in-cheek humour, some nice animations – I love the 'eggs-factor' frame. I've seen stuff from expensive creative agencies that aren't as good!” said Ben Cockburn, Technical Solutions Manager at DGM (Affiliate network working with British Red Cross).