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CFA Institute

Brand development


The CFA Institute is the world’s largest association of investment professionals. A global not-for-profit organisation which sets the highest ethical and educational standards for its 100,000 members, it speaks out on the big issues of market efficiency and fairness. It came to Consider to build a cohesive, contemporary and flexible brand for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).


The first thing we did was clarify the complex requirements of the CFA Institute brand. While the US brand was firmly in position, our audit demonstrated the EMEA brand was disparate and fragmented. What was needed was a strong and unified look and feel for the EMEA territories which stood apart from the US while still demonstrating a family resemblance. To support this objective, we helped the client to slim down its existing 22 audiences to a more coherent set of four (corporate, regional, industry and regulatory).

Having established a clear communications framework, we decided the creative solution should be a simple one. We developed an easy-to-use brand reference guide which took its lead from the US, increased the overall impact for EMEA and made a clear visual separation between communications for the four audiences. It was all about evolution (not revolution).

Our simple and considered modifications in brand elements such as colour, imagery and typography answered the brief perfectly. For example, the look and feel for the regional societies is warm, contemporary and approachable, while for an industry audience it’s sharper, cleaner and more dynamic.

We’re now in the middle of implementing the look and feel across a wide range of collateral for various audiences – from the annual report and corporate brochure to fact cards, newsletters and event materials.


Our creative activity has enabled the CFA Institute to raise awareness of its brand across Europe and beyond. They’ve established a look and feel with lasting power which is able to engage with established audiences.