Our work

CFA Institute

MEIC 2014 Event Branding

The Challenge

CFA Institute asked us to create an attention-grabbing and persuasive visual identity for its 2014 Middle East Investment Conference, which had the flexibility to be rolled out across multiple touchpoints. The concept not only had to reflect the theme of the event and the institute’s branding, but also be appropriate for the Middle Eastern audience it was targeting. 

The Solution

To meet the brief, we looked at existing event branding and used this as the inspiration to create a unique identity that was innovative yet not abstract , and could feature across print and digital formats. To overcome cultural sensitivities we researched the audience thoroughly, and these insights allowed us to communicate the theme of the event in an engaging way in order to successfully encourage registrations. 

The Results

 “Thank you so much for an extremely well-considered and thought out identity. It all looked amazing this year. A great job as always!” Faye Levi, CFA Institute campaign manager